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What are Visualizers?
Visualizers are normally used in Visual studio at the time of debugging to get a summarize preview of any object at a glance as we want. For example View the data of a data table
Well, you may say the visual studio has already a lot of visualizers, why do we need to create a new one?
My answer there are times we need to do, see the following scenarios,
  1. have a data table which has at least 20 columns and 100 rows
    1. I just want to view few columns value only
    2. I just want to see the first, middle, last columns simultaneously
    3. I just want to see some rows based on some criteria
    4. I just want to view a Total or average or blah blah...

Well, you may say these are not usually we do, here it is, I will give you a certain scenario,
  1. Well, do you ever think, I want to view a Sqlcommand, Oledbcommand or any command object’s SQL script with all parameters and its values(I am sure you think at least once in your career, if you are a .Net Database application developer) Like the below image

Added collection visualizers List view, array view, Enum view

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